EPQ for A-Level

What is an EPQ?

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a stand-alone qualification worth up to 28 UCAS points (the equivalent of half an A-Level). Students choose their own area of interest to study and research independently and produce either a 5000-word report or a working ‘artefact’ followed by a 1000-word report.

Why produce an EPQ?

The EPQ is recognised by many prestigious universities around the world and some will even make an alternative admission offer to an applicant based on their EPQ grade.

Successful completion of the EPQ will prove that you possess the ability to go beyond the curriculum, and that you have the necessary research skills, time management and independent learning required for successful higher education.

Your EPQ At Chyulu Wilderness Camp

At Chyulu Wilderness Camp, students seeking to complete the EPQ will have the opportunity to explore fields of study outside of the usual A-level subject choices, adding a different dimension to your Sixth Form year, and giving you a platform to prove that you are an ambitious and inspired scholar.

Whether your EPQ relates to biology, economics, geography or even art or another topic, our one-week programme provides an opportunity to venture into a wide range of local and global issues, allowing you to obtain first-hand knowledge for your essay, or to develop your artefact.

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