Safety is paramount to us here at Chyulu Wilderness Camp and our team of trained experts offers the highest quality of service to ensure the safety and security of all our campers and community.

Camp Safety & Security

Yes – of course! We are based several hundred kilometres from any major city, in an area that no European embassy has ever deemed dangerous. We transit through Nairobi International Airport without leaving the premises. This fully-renovated airport adheres to the highest standards of security.

An average ratio of 1:6 between adults and children on each site ensures effective supervision, great care and strong guidance for all campers. During every activity, all precautionary safety measures are in place and followed strictly. At every location, there is a comprehensive fire drill for all staff and campers. Disciplinary rules are stipulated in the Chyulu Wilderness Camp Codes* and carefully enforced by the staff to ensure the safety and wellbeing of this small community.
*provided to campers ahead of their programme.

The camp is situated within the Maasai Group Ranch, where the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust employs 135 community rangers, guaranteeing safety and security. We also directly employ 5 Maasai trained guides, 2 trackers and over 40 people dedicated to security, cooking, service, driving and maintenance. We are surrounded by Maasai warriors who maintain trusted and close relationships with the camp.

The area is safe and mostly free from tropical diseases and we have a resident nurse to attend to minor issues. Malaria is low risk but present. Flying doctors are available from Nairobi and trained personnel and emergency equipment are present at the camp; if needed, the camp plane can get to an excellent hospital within the hour.

Food is mainly provided by our own organic farms and all diets are respected. Qualified chefs prepare the food and clean and safe food standards are respected. Water is totally purified.

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